Accelerated Reader Rewards

Accelerated Reader Rewards is easy to understand and provides lots of advantages for students youtube user. A spotlight for struggling students; additional information for parents and educators. Accelerated Reader Rewards is available for any grade level, anywhere from kindergarten to twelfth graders. Students can earn five points for each recently read book assessed.

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A student may earn a point for every five books they read in one sitting. The book may be a hard read or a book that was skipped or left out. The book may also have some relevant examples or helpful tips included within it. When a book is selected, five books will be sent to the student. These books will then be read over the course of a week or two to help the child improve their reading skills.

After a week or two, a child earns another five points for each book they successfully picked out. These points can be accumulated and added up to earn an extra fifteen points. This means that a child could reach the level of earning a platinum star, which is equivalent to a silver degree, in as little as a matter of weeks.

Accelerated Reader Rewards Overview

To keep this plan, it is suggested that books are chosen that are in line with the needs of the child. For example, if the child does not read very much at all, books that offer helpful tips or strategies on how to succeed in school, in sports, or any other aspect of life can prove to be beneficial. On the other hand, if the child is a fast learner, books that focus on quick tips to solve everyday problems can prove to be very valuable. In order to earn the maximum amount of acceleration, it is recommended that a parent send the child at least five books a month, at a minimum.

In most cases, parents who purchase this type of reward will find that the child does respond well to the books. In some cases, they are even able to use them to move up in grade, which is especially helpful for students who are just learning to read. The amount of books that are required varies by the program that is used, but most programs require at least five books a month.

It should be noted that although these types of rewards are excellent for helping to motivate children to pick more books, they do not really serve any educational purpose. Accelerated readers are not typically required to take any advanced courses in order to enjoy the benefits, nor are they provided with any additional software to help them learn.

Final Words

In fact, there is no requirement for any type of extra instruction, and a child can quickly reach the level of platinum without having to take any courses at all. There are many benefits associated with these accelerated reader rewards, and they really can prove to be quite useful. However, parents should remember that they are simply a reward for doing well, and there is no requirement to take any courses or to obtain any additional software to help them learn.