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More than 90 percent of Automobile Transport Companies are Agents.
Nearly all Automobile Shipping Companies don’t own or run automobile transport rigs. All of them use the exact same Central Dispatch to organize your transfer with Trucker Drivers.

Who is bidding ?.

When you receive a quote from various companies/brokers it might seem they are all competing for your company. However, the truth is you’re bidding for your trucking businesses to transfer your vehicle. It is like fishing along with your shipping cost is your lure to get truckers to snack.

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Automobile Shipping Example.

On a favorite route (Say FL to CA) there are usually 15-20 automobiles waiting to be picked up on the nationwide dispatch list (used by most truckers) Auto Transport California. Therefore, if you chose the cheapest estimate and there are 19 automobiles all quoted greater on the record, Guess who isn’t getting picked up. You will be the last to proceed, or you just may never have picked up while a dishonest agent promises you that the world and requires your cash.

Auto Transport at This Time or Whenever?

Pick a business having a fair and upfront approach. Do your homework and search for a 5-star automobile transport company on Transportation Reviews. You will want an organization that treats each client’s automobile as it’s own concerning care.