Carpet Cleaning Tips to Ensure Success

Most people think that the carpet cleaning process involves hot water, detergents, and a machine carpet cleaners Boise ID. However, this isn’t quite the case. In fact, there are two very different types of carpet cleaning that you might want to consider when you own or manage a business that owns or helps maintain carpeted floors. Find out more about both and how you can get businesses or residential homes sparkling clean without a machine.

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The most common type of carpet cleaning process that most people think of involves hot water, detergents, and a dryer. This dryer heats up the water contained in the cleaning solution until it becomes too hot to dry quicker. As a result, the technician then holds the excess water in a paper towel, which he or she uses to gently blow away the wet spots of carpet from the floor.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

A different type of dryer, which is sometimes referred to as a “spill proof” dryer, goes one step further and allows the water to be able to absorb into the fibers of the carpet cleaner itself. This prevents any spills from getting completely down into the carpet cleaner, which helps to ensure that stains aren’t deep within the fibers.

Because the spill-proof dryer allows the water to be able to penetrate deeper, it also prevents the carpet from becoming completely saturated. Spills can become deep within carpeting because they take place when carpet fibers get wet from a liquid that has leaked onto them, or when a spill occurs at an angle, such as from something that is dropped on them.

While many cleaners can prevent stains from getting deep within the fibers, some liquids that occur naturally (like juice or other sticky liquids) can still be difficult for cleaners to rinse off completely. Using a spill-proof dryer ensures that liquids are held on the carpet longer, which prevents the spill from becoming deep within the fibers.

When using a spill proof dryer to complete the carpet cleaning process, it is important to note that this type of cleaner will not remove food stains from the carpet, nor will it remove grease stains. The stain remover will simply abate the appearance of the stain, so it is not as effective in removing these types of stains from the carpet. If you are experiencing problems with food or grease stains on your carpet, it may be necessary to contact a specialist in stain removal in order to effectively clean and remove the stains from your floors.

There are a few methods that can be used in order to remove stains from the carpet cleaning process. Some of these methods include: carbonation, clay pellets, and paste wax. Carbonation is a method that often involves adding some sort of oil to the baking soda and scrubbing the affected area until the carbonation is dissolved in the cleaning solution. Paste wax is often used in conjunction with a local chem-dry abrasive to remove hard to reach stains.

Final Words

It is important to pay close attention to how an area is being cleaned. If a cleaning solution is being used on a carpet cleaning process for the first time, it is important to thoroughly rinse the area with water and make sure that there is no extra moisture present after the first cleaning cycle. You should also pay attention to how an area is being cleaned. Always look in a neighboring room for signs of dirt or other things that could cause a problem, and follow the directions on the cleaning product container in order to ensure that the product is being properly used.