Learning a Language: Make It Real and You’ll Never Forget It

The lesson food has been bombing big time. As soon as the ESL class finished, none of us were fulfilled, but the subject was broached. “Review your language materials before next course”, I invited. They were new to the USA.

Learning a Language

Some had just been in their new nation a couple of days, others a couple of weeks ago Some for a few months or so, but none had crossed over to the realm of communication on a daily basis in English. I needed to do something to assist my jelqing course of ESL students to begin to internalize the speech esl for adults. Thinking back on my French speech fights in Paris and French Canada, the response struck me. The following class I had been prepared.

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“Alright, everyone, let’s go” I asked. Each of them gave me quizzical looks.

  • “Where are we heading?”
  • You will see.”

Before, I had arranged with the director of a regional supermarket situated few blocks from where we had our English courses, to deliver the 15 adult students for a field excursion. Many of these had experienced snow for the first time just a few days ago. Two of the recently immigrated Chinese guys wore sandals. I kept my opinions onto this to myself, convinced that they would learn soon enough. I just hoped that they did not get Pneumonia.

  • , I inquired.
  • “shop for meals”

It did not take long to understand that none of them were at a massive supermarket. Largely that they food shopped at small, neighborhood grocery shops that catered to the tastes of the immigrant areas. Their responses ranged from disbelief and shock to amazement and wonder. There was a little fascination present too.

For another twenty five minutes or so with laptops and writing pads available, we systematically wandered up a single isle and down another exploring the language of containers and food introduced in prior classes. Anecdotes emerged. 1 student provided to push the cart along to accumulate the things I would need to cover later.

  • “No, you can not buy only 1 egg”, I explained.

“Back home you can purchase exactly what you want”, many students reacted.

“Two a smoke, even a half loaf of bread or a cup of rice” they clarified as best they can.

They fondled grapes, sniffed, licked and nibbled fresh fruits, and odd vegetables such as brussel sprouts, pumpkin and acorn squash. I purchased watermelon, types of apples, canned products, jars of sauces, pretzels and pickled products to return to the course for sampling. That course outing used”realia” or real physical items, to produce the lesson”actual” for its students. It created talks, jokes and funny stories before the next spring and past.

Use real objects and things rather than only pictures to get your language learning actual and much more natural. Consider the difference it makes to have a jar or can of something on your hands versus an image of a jar or can at a publication. Other containers, bottle, box, bag, bundle, roster up, and tubing, came alive and were immediately assimilated by students who earned full (or empty) containers of merchandise from their various nations.

Try out a nearby Zoo for creatures, a museum, a pizza store, the cinema, even just a neighborhood park to breathe reality and life into your foreign language courses as we did. Issues? Yes, some, however, you and your pupils will be amazed at the difference it makes in internalizing the speech. Whether you are an EFL or foreign language instructor or a language student, using realia will go a long way in creating your new language”actual” for you. It is going to be plenty of fun also. I guarantee.

Prof. Larry M. Lynch is a English language learning and teaching expert author and college professor in Cali, Colombia. Now YOU too can live your dreams in heaven, find love, higher experience and get paid while traveling at no cost.