LED Trailer Lights Blowing fuse – How to Prevent Lighting Failures

Can you smell smoke coming from your current lighting system and now you are afraid that your new LED trailer lights are going to go out on the road. You called a professional who came out and investigated your lights and came back with the conclusion that there is a possibility your lights are blown or they are experiencing some sort of fuse breakdown.

LED Trailer Lights Blowing fuse

Now it is time to make the proper repairs and get your new lighting system up and running again. The first thing you need to do is take apart your current lighting system and locate the area of the fuse that is blowing. Once you have located the fuse, it will be much easier to replace the lighting system so you will never have to worry about your lights blowing again.

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If your system is not so complicated, you may just simply strip the old fuse off the circuit board plant trailer. However if your system is so complex that it requires to be replaced then it is recommended that a professional do it for you. If you are thinking that you can do it yourself, you should definitely avoid it. You could cause more damage to yourself while trying to replace the fuse and possibly do more harm than good to your vehicle.

Once you have located the fuse the first thing that you should do is remove the cover over it. This will allow you to easily see the insides of the fuse. If you notice smoke coming out of the fuse then it will need to be replaced immediately. If there is no visible smoke coming from the fuse then there may be some wires that are damaged inside the light bulb. You will have to open up those wires to find the broken wires and then either repair or replace the bulb.

In some cases, you may find that some of the wires are really burnt inside which may prevent the electricity from flowing to the light and therefore keeping it on. It will be necessary to melt the back off of the wire before using a soldering iron to repair it.

Once you have repaired the wire you will need to use some flux to cover any bare metal that was exposed when the wire was melted. Make sure that you clean off any excess flux that is used. The new wiring should be applied to the remaining light and ensure that all the wires are securely fastened in place.

When you take your car out of the garage, you should make sure that you have turned off the main power supply. Before starting your car make sure that the battery is fully charged. If it is not you may start by simply plugging the lead from the battery into an unused outlet on the dashboard.

After that, you can connect the new LED light to the same outlet. If you have a series system, make sure that you connect each of the lights to a different connection to avoid any confusion. When you are done connecting the lights, make sure that you turn off the main power to your vehicle.

Installing LED lights has never been easier thanks to today’s advanced technology. If you are going to be installing these lights yourself, it is always best to get some help so that you do not damage any of the wires or fuses that you are going to be working on.

If you decide to buy the lights online make sure that you check the LED lights reviews to see which companies make the best products. By getting some great recommendations you are going to be able to get your lights installed without incident.