Paid Subscription SEO Schemes Can Hurt Your Google Rankings

Ever wonder if Google will penalize you if they find out that you’re using this type of service? Ever wonder if these services will gladly keep charging you and pretending they’re helping you when they’re in fact hurting you? Well, you’ve come to the ideal place to have these questions answered.

Google Rankings

If you’re clear about that, then let us get on with our search engine optimization saga‚Ķ

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The premise was intriguing. For a monthly fee of approximately $50, the agency included several pages of incoming links to every member site. The incoming links aimed at other member sites Boost Your Google Rank Without Backlinks. The assumption was that no two sites would stage at each other (since it’s supposed that Google discounts reciprocal hyperlinks to some value of zero it’s ranking algorithm), therefore all of the incoming links that every member site would get out of other member sites would lead to the Google ranks of all of the sites going up.

You may think”there is something wrong with this film”. So did I, but I discovered that one of my opponents (who possesses a useless e-book which helps nobody ) had out-ranked me Google, and all of the links I could detect pointing to his site appeared to come out of a paid strategy such as the 3-way-link plot I read about. So I chose to subscribe to the $50 a month subscription SEO program.

As soon as I signed up, for the search phrase I chose to experiment with, I had been rated about 100th about Google (meaning I would come up in the conclusion of the 10th page of Google search results for my preferred keyword ) SEO Company New York City. The search engine optimization service included links gradually over a span of a month or so so that it required a while to assess the results.

I monitored my Google positions over a span of a month and discovered to my pleasant surprise which I climbed from place 100 to place 17. I remained at roughly position 17 on Google for another month or so. Additionally, I monitored the page ranking of those pages of another search engine optimization service member sites that had hyperlinks pointing. The more recent ones tended to get a page ranking of”unranked”.

About 3 months to my 50 per month subscription, my Google rank for the search phrase I had been trying to maximize dropped in only a couple of days from 17 to approximately 300 (way below where I’d been before I started paying for the subscription SEO support ). I checked that the page rankings of the internet pages of different members that had hyperlinks pointing to my site, and I discovered that those page rankings had gone”backward” from 0 to”unranked”.

Google had figured out how to discover link pages created by the subscription SEO service, plus they had been punishing the members of their service by providing them crappy Google rank due to their coveted search provisions.

I instantly unsubscribed myself out of the subscription SEO service, and in just a week so I was grateful to see my Google ranks return up to what they’d initially been to the search terms I cared for. Since that time I’ve engaged just in non-paid search engine optimization practices like article promotion, and I’ve got better results than I ever obtained through the paid subscription SEO strategy.

After Google figured out the way to automatically discover the web pages created by the subscription SEO service, the paid subscription service really became a detriment to each of its clients’ Google ranks. You may expect “ethical” support to quit charging its clients at the point and proceed. Buyer beware!