When to Fire Your Own Search Engine Optimization Consultant

If your business is looking for a search engine optimization consultant to oversee your company presence on the world wide web, you want to know about a couple of things. One thing that I hate to see is that a business paying a so-called’adviser’ to spout out SEO information that the company really takes to heart as they don’t have any other frame of reference london seo consultant. Here Are a Few Tips to follow if You Are Thinking about hiring one:

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1.) If the search engine optimization consultant is OBSESSED with alt tags, then time to discover a brand new one. Alt tags are not anything more than a name that’s put on a picture on your web site. The alt tag is principally for access, perhaps not for propelling your website to the top ten positions in Google, MSN & Yahoo.

2.) Can you locate it? If they can not get themselves discovered, can they counsel you on getting found?

3.) Does your search engine optimization Consultant keep advising one to stuff an increasing number of keywords into the meta tag? This label isn’t vital to SEO achievement, in actuality, Google pays little if any attention to it. Everyone can stuff a lot of keywords into a web site.

4.) Does your adviser understand how to translate Google Analytics and make educated decisions concerning the way to proceed with your web site? Time to post a new desire ad.

5.) What search engine do you use whenever you want a service or product?

6.) Does your search engine optimization adviser love to blame other people for your lack of existence in the search engines? There are instances when terrible web programming or design may hinder SEO, your search engine optimization consultant should have examined the internet site before making any decision calls, etc..

7.) If your consultant hasn’t heard of Yahoo site explorer, then MSN Live Search tools or Google webmaster tools, time to Google a fresh search engine optimization pro.

8.) If your search engine optimization consultant can not write an intelligible paragraph less Boost one, it is time for them to fly. There’s an actual art to optimizing backup to get a web site if you do not observe that it is optimized, it is optimized by a specialist.

9.) If your search engine optimization consultant is more obsessed with keywords and NOT quality articles to nourish your prospects, then tell me’ to take a hike. TRUE optimization is to get website traffic, the search engines must come second.

10.) If your advisor does not supply you with proactive or reports insight, then send em’ packaging. Look for a connection with an online advertising firm that is dedicated to helping you develop.

Spend some time studying the fundamentals of SEO before you hire anyone. I really do recommend”The Truth About Search Engine Marketing” it is a fast read and quite grounded.

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