Window Cleaning Hint – It Is Window Cleaning, NOT Window Washing

Whether you already have a window cleaning business or you’re taking a look at starting your own window cleaning company you can learn more here. Among the primary things you want to get squared away on mind is that you’re a window cleaner’ and from the window cleaning’ company, NOT a window washer from the window washing machine. You might believe the distinction is absurd, but I promise that it’s crucial.

Window Cleaning Hint

When some may feel that”Wallys Window Washing” is a cute title, a lot of men and women associate window washers together with the man who jumps onto the hood of your vehicle at a stoplight using a spray bottle and a rag offering to clean your windows. This isn’t the picture I wish to cultivate around my enterprise.

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The picture that you would like to present to your clients is just one of validity, professionalism, and competence. Whether on your organization name or while speaking to individuals, constantly use’window clean up’ or’window cleaner’. .the type you’d trust on your residence.

Consider it this way; In case a person was searching through the telephone book to get a window cleaner and they visit two different firms:

Wallis Window Washing


Reflection Window Cleaning

Who would you believe a person will select? Well, mathematically 9 times out of 10 that individual will decide on the reputable sounding title.

The decision is ultimately your decision, but I guarantee you this tiny detail is likely to create big a difference on your own window cleaning company. Anyone can wash a window, but not everyone can wash a window, and that’s the reason why you can earn decent money for a window cleaner.